Kids Art Classes

6-7 year old Learning Terminology, Principles & Mediums

Cost $65 Tuesday & Wednesday 4:00pm-5:00pm 4 classes/month
Getting Ready Drawing is an introduction to representational drawing directed to the attention span and motor coordination 6-7 years old. The artist are guided through a step-by-step lesson of an object, animal, or character. The class draws each element of shape as the teacher describes them. They are asked to identify each element of shape before they begin drawing. The instruction also includes guidance about length, placement, distance between elements, and how the shapes interact with each other. Children master the ability to recognize the 5 Basic Elements of Shape and combine them to create drawings. The artist begins to understand the elements the artist will begin to improve the details requiring better dexterity ad terminology skills.

Art Classes for Kids near Rathdrum ID8-12 year old Intermediate Artist

Cost $80 Tuesday & Wednesday 5:30pm-7:00pm 4 classes/month
The Intermediate class is for ages 8-12 year old artist. After learning the basics, students can work more independently and develop their own personal style. Using different mediums, such as graphite, pastels, color pencils and watercolor, emphasis is on technique and creative approaches to their art. As the student’s skills grow and mature, we challenge them to work in various forms of artistic styles, emphasizing perspective, proportion, and patience to develop advanced techniques and abilities.