Hayden, ID Art Studio

Happys Art lays a solid foundation of basic drawing skills, giving beginning artists a springboard allowing the artist their individual creativity. The artist progresses starting with markers, watercolor, chalk pastels, oil pastels, and color pencil. Developing skills in shading in graphite. Then the students leap confidently into watercolor and acrylic painting. We offer classes for the ages 4-adult. All materials are included in the monthly fee.

Join Happys Art as we focus on learning the elements of art and principles of design. Anyone is welcome! Each class will have a specific project/theme with an artistic focus. Start with the basics and work your way into fine art skills in mixed media that will include subjects from animals to portrait drawing, perspective, landscapes, flowers and still life. Working in mediums such as chalk/oil pastels, pencil sketching, and painting in watercolor/acrylic.

Our Process

We begin with realistic contour drawings, drawn with sharpie. Our contour, or outline, describes the outermost edges of a form. Contour drawings strengthen artists confidence, because it’s about how their eyes perceive the form and translate it through their drawing hand, there are no mistakes.

Throughout our classes, our teacher demonstrates what the students will draw, working step-by-step together. Give us a call today at 208-771-8485!