Adult Art Classes

Beginning Adult Artist

Cost $100, Tuesdays 7:00pm-9:00pm 4 classes/month
The Beginning Adult Artist Adults will start where they left off in their younger days once the terms are refreshed. After learning the basics, artist can work more independently and develop their own personal style. Using different mediums, such as graphite, pastels, color pencils and watercolor, emphasis is on technique and creative approaches to their art. As the student’s skills grow and mature, we challenge them to work in various forms of artistic styles, emphasizing perspective, proportion, and patience to develop advanced techniques and abilities.

Intermediate Adults

Cost $120, Wednesdays 7:00pm-9:00pm 4 classes/month
This on-going class is for adults. Each Artist will choose the subject matter for their piece, and work on their own using references. The instructor will spend time one on one to help with proportion, design, and exploration of technique of the various media. All materials for the class will be supplied by the studio.

*Adult Art Classes will be limited to 6

adults in class learning to paint